When I was little, my mom packed a brown bag lunch for me every day. Whether that day gifted me with an A on a math test or a scraped knee, I felt like my mom was giving me a hug when I opened my lunch. We at Mountain Man Meat Market want our mountain family to know that we pack a whole lot of love into everything we do, too, and that's why we're now offering brown bag lunches!

Each brown bag lunch comes with a fresh piece of fruit; a bag of chips or a freshly baked cookie; a signature or classic sandwich; and a little note just like mom used to leave. Brown bag lunches will be available every day that we're open between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

Signature sandwich choices include Edward's seasoned NY strip steak on a delicious ciabatta roll and Sheri's mouthwatering shrimp salad on a buttery croissant. These are so good, folks! Our classic sandwiches are generously filled with savory meats and topped with fresh Romaine lettuce and sliced tomatoes. Choices include turkey and salami, bologna and cheese and a BLT.

Signature brown bag lunches are priced at $9.99 plus tax, and classics are priced at $7.99 plus tax. That's a whole lot of wholesome goodness, so bring your appetites!


Katherine Sather
Owner and Brown Bagger

Do you #MoMaMeMa? We do.